TIVA Set Two Way

TIVA Set Two Way


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TIVA Set Two Way

TIVA Set Two Way

200cm Y set 2 way double lumen extension set

Double lumen syringe driven infusion arms

Product Summary

Y set 2 way with 200cm Siamese tubing Ð 2 x female luer high flow drug line with colour coded anti syphon valve with one white pinch clamp and one green pinch clamp 200cm long.

Total intravenous anaesthesia from pump to patient.

Features and benefits

  • Colour-coded Siamese tubing:ÊFor clearer identification of high and low flow drug administration.

  • Multi-lumen from hub to tip:ÊKeeps infusions separate, reducing the risk of drugs mixing.

  • Armoured tubing:ÊEliminates the risk of kinking, ensuring continued infusions.

Technical Info

UOI Units:ÊBox


Contains Latex:ÊNo

Contains DEHP:ÊNo

Pyrogen Free:ÊYes

Sterile Medical Device:ÊYes