Togu Dynair Ball Cushion Blue (36cm)

Togu Dynair Ball Cushion Blue (36cm)


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Togu Dynair Ball Cushion Blue (36cm)

Proper posture is vital for ensuring back health is maintained, and is also key for physiotherapy to better ensure that recovery is as smooth as possible. The Togu Dynair Ball Cushion Blue (36cm) works to do just that, helping to maintain the body's natural vibrations and better train back muscles to support the spine.

Trains Back Muscles and More

Using the Ball Cushion as a part of physiotherapy helps to train a range of muscles to better support the back and more. It helps to train back muscles to improve support to the spine, and also helps to train the pelvis and better aid balance – vital for effective physiotherapy.

Maintains the Body's Natural Rhythm

The Dynair Ball Cushion can also be used to aid dynamic and eased sitting. Unlike standard cushions, it doesn't abruptly halt the body’s oscillations, but rather allows them to continue in their natural rhythm. This helps to better optimise posture and stabilise the muscles of the spinal column for more natural seating.

Available in More Sizes and Colours

To help you get the Togu Dynair Ball Cushion that's right for you, it's also available in a range of other colours and sizes. The available colours and sizes are:

  • Red (33cm)
  • Green (33cm)
  • Blue (33cm)
  • Green (36cm)
  • Blue (36cm)

Key Features

  • Suitable for physiotherapy for training back muscles, pelvis and balance
  • Doesn't interrupt the body's natural vibrations for better posture while seated
  • Trains back muscles to better support spine – prevent back pain