Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base

Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base


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Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base

Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base

The Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat provides excellent posture and positioning for children with developmental disabilities, and with the use of certain accessories, can be made even more versatile. The Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base can be attached to the Feeder Seat to allow full mobility, making it easy to transport the child while presenting an opportunity to strengthen their lower body. The Mobile Base can be purchased together with the Feeder Seat at a reduced price as the Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter.

Key Features

  • Mobile Base for the Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat
  • Provides manoeuvrability to your Feeder Seat
  • Allows the Feeder Seat to be used as an alternative to a wheelchair or stander
  • Equipped with four easy-roll castors for easy movement
  • Makes it easy to transport children without the need for repositioning
  • Medium and Large sizes are made of wood with a non-slip coating
  • Extra Large size is made of steel tubing

Full Mobility

When transitioning to a new activity or area, it's important that your child's chair can be moved and repositioned quickly and easy. This mobile base turns your Feeder Seat into a highly mobile chair, allowing you to change your child's placement or activity at a moment's notice without the need for repositioning.

Hygienic and Safe

To provide easy cleaning and a high level of hygiene, this base is made with easy-wipe materials and smooth edges throughout. The four castors move easily and are equipped with rear locks, letting you secure the base in place when necessary. These features mean the base will maintain all safety and hygiene features already present in your Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat.

Sizing of the Tumble Forms 2 Adjustable Tray

The Mobile Base is available in three sizes which correspond to the sizes of your Feeder Seat. Match your Feeder Seat size to the corresponding Mobile Base size using the table below.

Mobile Base Size Compatible Feeder Seat Size
Medium Small and Medium
Large Large
Extra Large Extra Large