TurnSafe2 Patient Transfer Aid

TurnSafe2 Patient Transfer Aid


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TurnSafe2 Patient Transfer Aid

The TurnSafe2 Patient Transfer Aid is a compact, ergonomic and very easy-to-use device for sit-to-stand positioning and transfers with turning. It has been developed in close co-operation with medical personnel and users, and therefore it efficiently looks out for the interests of both parties. An update on the old model, the TurnSafe2 activates and supports users with impaired balance and strength in the legs during transfers from bed to wheelchair or from wheelchair to toilet.

Applications of the TurnSafe2

The TurnSafe2 has many different application areas for helping those with reduced mobility

Activates and Supports Both Parties

The TurnSafe2 features a large foot plate with an anti-slip surface, adjustable height handles and lower leg supports which are also adjustable both sideways and in height. These features, together with the stable and grip-friendly handle, enable the user to actively participate in the sit-to-stand and transfer.

The TurnSafe2 is also an excellent aid which spares the backs of the carers, and therefore reduces the risk of work related injuries.

Additional Features of the TurnSafe2

  • Handles can be height adjusted to suit both user and carer
  • Large, secure foot plate with an anti-slip surface
  • Adjustable lower leg supports
  • Sturdy and grip-friendly handles
  • Easy to rotate and manoeuvre
  • Foot brake facilitates braking and provides stability and security

Ergonomic and Easy to Manoeuvre

Easy to have close at hand and simple to rotate and manoeuvre, the TurnSafe2 is convenient in most spaces and situations. By keeping one foot on the brake, carers can avoid any unwanted movements while the patient is rising, standing or sitting.

The TurnSafe2 is also easily disassembled into three pieces, which makes both transportation and storage much easier.

Specifications of the TurnSafe2 Patient Transfer Aid

  • Weight: 15kg
  • Foot plate diameter: 451mm
  • Height adjustment for lower handle: 800 - 1146mm
  • Height adjustment for upper handle: 912 - 1259mm
  • Lower leg supports adjustable in steps of: 50mm
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg (330lbs)