Ultralight-Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps (Pair of Ramps)

Ultralight-Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps (Pair of Ramps)


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Ultralight-Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps (Pair of Ramps)

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Ultralight-Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps (Pair of Ramps)
Whether for access to a building or outside in a public place, kerbs, steps, and raised thresholds can pose a great problem for people with reduced mobility. For anybody who frequently uses a wheelchair or other wheeled mobility aid, the problem of ascending kerbs and steps can hinder their ability to get around with ease, and doors are often impossible to access due to raised thresholds.

The Ultralight-Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps (Pair of Ramps) are lightweight and easy to use for instantly improved access up kerbs and steps, as well as for bridging door thresholds. The ramps are made from anodised aluminium to provide reliable accessibility for climbing steps or entering through a door when in a wheelchair, regardless of where and when it is required.

Ideal for Care Environments
Care homes, hospitals, and medical environments will often have residents and patients in their care who require the use of a wheelchair or scooter. Any kerbs or steps outside of the building will significantly reduce access, but installing a fixed ramp would be expensive, messy, and disruptive. With the Ultralight-Folding Wheelchair Ramps, access can be improved as and when required, at a fraction of the cost of a permanent installation.

By using Ultralight-Folding ramps, they can also be moved to a different part of the building. For example, a resident may like to enjoy the benefits of a back garden, or they may need to access a particular part of the home that can only be accessed down a step that has previously proven to be too difficult to navigate without a ramp. The Threshold Wheelchair Ramps can be relocated wherever they are required with ease.

Great for Individual Users
While many public places are increasing accessibility for people with reduced mobility, not everywhere readily accommodates access for wheelchairs and scooters. As the Ultralight-Folding Wheelchair Ramps are lightweight and compact, they can be folded away in the boot of a car for instant deployment when arriving at a location without step-free access.

Folds for Storage
When the ramps are not required, they can be folded through the use of ultra-strong steel hinges, and then stored away with ease due to their compact size. As they are lightweight in design and feature handles on each ramp, they can be carried between locations, and to and from storage, to ensure they can be used at a moment's notice whenever they are required.

Sizing Information
To cater to as many different needs as possible, the Ultralight-Folding Threshold Wheelchair Ramps (Pair of Ramps) are provided in a choice of sizes. Each ramp features a width of 21cm (8 inches), with the following lenghts and weight information:

Length Capacity per Pair Weight per Ramp Stored Dimensions
110cm (3' 7") 300kg (47 stone) 3.6kg (8lb) 55 x 24.5 x 13cm
150cm (4' 11") 300kg (47 stone) 4.6kg (11lb) 77 x 24.5 x 13cm
200cm (6' 7") 250kg (39 stone) 6kg (14lb) 102 x 24.5 x 13cm
Your required size can be selected with the drop-down menu at the top of the page.