UltraTec PD1+ Foetal Doppler

UltraTec PD1+ Foetal Doppler


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UltraTec PD1+ Foetal Doppler

UltraTec PD1+ Foetal Doppler
The UltraTec PD1+ Foetal Doppler is designed for listening to and monitoring foetal heartbeats throughout pregnancy. The lightweight doppler is ideal for use by midwives both in clinics and when visiting patients in their own homes.

What's Included?
1 x Foetal Doppler
1 x Attached Probe
Who Can Use the UltraTec Foetal Doppler?
The UltraTec Foetal Doppler is ideal for use by midwifes and general practitioners both in clinical settings and during home visits. It can be used to listen to and monitor foetal heartbeats throughout pregnancy for reliable monitoring of foetal heart rates (FHR).

How Do I Use the PD1+ Doppler?
The PD1+ Doppler allows the heartbeat of a foetus to be monitored with ease. The probe is attached to the main unit, and the probe is used to pick up the heartbeat.

The heartbeat can heard clearly through the use of the built-in loudspeaker. The large LCD screen also displays the foetal heartrate for quick and easy reading of results.

How Audible Are the Heartbeats?
The high-sensitivity probe detects foetal signals with the narrow beam transducer, and the internal processing then minimises any unwanted noises. The heartbeats can be heard through a built-in loudspeaker.

How Portable Is the Foetal Doppler?
Compact in design, the UltraTec Foetal Doppler is incredibly portable. As it is battery operated, no mains power or leads are required, making it ideal for medical professionals during home visits and when travelling between clinics.