USPA CCP-7035CA Wash and Dry Shower Toilet with Cutaway and Remote Control

USPA CCP-7035CA Wash and Dry Shower Toilet with Cutaway and Remote Control


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USPA CCP-7035CA Wash and Dry Shower Toilet with Cutaway and Remote Control

Bathroom hygiene is vital to your health, so it's important that you ensure your toilet routine is as clean as possible. The USPA CCP-7035CA Wash and Dry Shower Toilet with Cutaway and Remote Control is a combined bowl and electronic bidet toilet with a remote control that is designed to give you an easy, clean and pleasant bathroom experience. This shower toilet provides the most hygienic bathroom use possible, and is designed with a cutaway section at the rear to accommodate left- or right-exiting waste pipes.

The USPA CCP-7035CA Wash and Dry Toilet Bidet is an excellent choice for a wide range of users, particularly if you have impaired mobility and struggle to maintain your own cleanliness, or else you suffer from rectal discomfort. The toilet is also ideal for young children and menstruating or pregnant women as it helps improve cleanliness throughout use for those who might struggle to maintain this themselves. If you do not require a rear cutaway for left- or right-exiting waste pipes, please see the standard CCP-7035 Wash and Dry Shower Toilet listing.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made from pure white vitreous china that looks good in any bathroom
  • Made from germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene
  • Offers feminine cleansing, child function and a deodoriser for improved cleanliness
  • Choice of five spray settings allows you to tailor your experience
  • Designed with a cutaway at the rear to accommodate left- or right-exiting waste pipes
  • Wand position is adjustable for improved comfort
  • Jet type, warm water and heated seat has variable options for hygiene and comfort
  • Easily installs onto existing toilets to prevent you from having to change whole system
  • Automatic wand cleaning before and after each use
  • Uses waterproof soldering, making it suitable for use in humid toilet rooms or wet rooms
  • Spinning design helps prevent water droplets from soaking into the toilet itself
  • Temp fuse and 15mA ground fault circuit interrupter shut off power if current running through water

Rear Cutaway

Some bathrooms may feature waste pipes that do not exit straight behind the toilet, but instead exit to the left or right. This version of the CCP-7035 Shower Toilet is designed with a rear cutaway, leaving an opening to accommodate left- or right-exiting waste pipes. Besides this cutaway, this toilet functions in an identical manner to the standard CCP-7035 Shower Toilet.

Advanced Cleanliness

Utilising an advanced electronic bidet seat, the Wash and Dry Shower Toilet ensures you receive a modern bathroom experience with every visit. The toilet has a range of features, including the options for both posterior and feminine cleansing, with the latter being especially effective during pregnancy or menstruation.

The spray features five settings, and the wand position can even be adjusted to improve accuracy. The CCP-7035CA Shower Toilet also features a child setting and an Intensive Impulse Pulsation function built-in, allowing you to adjust the settings of the bidet according to who's using it.

Stay Warm and Comfortable

It is generally considered that almost 92 days are spent on the toilet over a lifetime, so staying comfortable is of the utmost importance. The Wash and Dry Shower Toilet with Remote Control features a warm air dryer with five variable temperature settings to ensure you're both dry and clean. The bidet also features a heated seat that can be adjusted in temperature from 34°C to 40°C, allowing you to remain at ease no matter the time of year.

The Wash and Dry Shower Toilet even features an automatic deodoriser that starts whenever the seat becomes occupied. This helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh during use.

Remote Control

Thanks to the soft-touch remote control and side-mounted supplementary buttons, the hygiene functions of the CCP-7035CA Wash and Dry Shower Toilet are incredibly easy to use. This means that you don't have to bend around to activate each function, making it ideal for those who have limited mobility.

Luxurious Design

The traditional white design of the toilet allows it to fit with almost any bathroom's style and design. Made from high-quality vitreous china, the bowl makes a stunning addition to any bathroom. The seat is also made from germ-resistant plastic to help ensure hygiene is maintained, which pairs beautifully with the bowl to give the whole system a unified and cohesive design.

Two-Year Warranty

To ensure that your toilet stays functional when you need it, it features two years' warranty on parts and labour for the seat. It also includes a two years' all parts warranty for the bowl and cistern.

Dimensional Drawing

Please note that the dimensions of this item differ slightly from the original CCP-7035 design. To aid with your installation and to ensure the CCP-7035CA is right for you, refer to the dimensional drawing below. All dimensions are provided in millimetres.

CCP-7035-CA Dimensions
Dimensions of the CCP-7035CA provided in mm

See for Yourself

Find out more about this shower toilet by watching the video below. For further information about installation, please view the "Installation" tab above. Please note that while videos and installation information refer to the standard CCP-7035 or CCP-7235 Shower Toilet, all steps are the same for the CCP-7035CA with the exception of waste pipe connection being from the side rather than the rear.