Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch Black

Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch Black


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Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch Black

The Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch is a vibrating reminder watch, perfect for people with hearing impairments or who require discrete reminders. It is an excellent tool to help keep track of medication schedules, or any other daily routine.

Who Can This Vibrating Reminder Watch Help?

This watch is useful to anyone who needs regular reminders, including:

  • Medication reminders
  • Reminders to stay hydrated
  • Reminders for those suffering from dementia
  • General reminders for anyone who has difficulty remembering
  • Reminders to empty bladder
  • Those who want a subtle non-audible alarm
  • Those who have hearing loss and struggle to hear a conventional audible alarm

Which Alarm Options Are Available?

The alarm on this vibrating watch is highly customisable and can be set to vibrate only, sound only or both. It includes up to eight pre-programmed alarms, an on-the-hour reminder and a repeat function. The repeat function will play at set intervals such as every two hours, every four hours, or every twenty minutes.

Is This Watch Appropriate for Those with Dementia?

This is the ideal watch to help those with dementia remember simple tasks which are vital to their wellbeing, such as taking medication or remembering to stay hydrated. It vibration helps those who also suffer from hearing loss and as a wrist-strap watch it is unlikely to be left or forgotten. The watch also features an alarm lock, which can be used to ensure alarms are not accidentally changed or turned off.

What Are the Features of the Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch?

In order to provide reliable reminders for different need, the Vibralite 8 includes:

  • Versatile traditional watch functions – such as a stopwatch and back-light
  • Water resistant to 30m – for the most convenient and long-lasting use
  • Adjustable strap – suitable for a large number of wrist sizes from 12.5cm to 19cm 
  • Text on display – makes it easy to programme the watch or change setting
  • Versatile alarm – can be set to vibrate, audible, or both in the option mode 
  • Practical design – polyurethane band with brushed stainless steel buckle 
  • Variable time format – 12 or 24 hour clock choice
  • Hourly alert option – creates a short 1 second alarm on the hour, every hour
  • User friendly – text prompts make setting and confirmation of settings easy
  • Powerful back-light – stays on while any button is being pushed making it easier to set in the dark 
  • Multiple time zones – up to three programmable time zones for travel or communication across borders
  • Includes an alarm lock – to prevent reminders from accidentally being turned off

How Does the Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Alarm Work?

For pre-programmed alarms, the alarm vibrates or sounds for 20 seconds before shutting off. It can also be stopped manually by pushing any button.

With the repeat function, the watch vibrates for 5 seconds, then automatically resets itself for the next repeat. The repeat can easily be paused and turned back on without the need to re-set the duration. It can be set to repeat any time – in hours, minutes and seconds – less than 24 hours.

What Is the Specification for the Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch?

The specification for this reminder watch is as follows:

  • Weight: 1.8 ounces (51g)
  • Water resistance: 30m
  • Wrist size: 12.5cm to 19cm
  • Display time digits size: 9.6 x 3.87mm
  • Watch face size: 2 inches diameter
  • Time format: 12 or 24 hour