WaterWipes - 60 Wipes

WaterWipes - 60 Wipes


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WaterWipes - Baby Wipes

WaterWipes are wipes that are specially formulated for children. From birth to onwards, these baby wipes are safe for sensitive skin and perfect for cleaning a baby's delicate skin. These wipes are a fantastic alternative to traditional wipes. 

Why Choose WaterWipes?

When you use WaterWipes baby wipes, you will be cleaning your baby with the World's purest baby wipes. These sensitive wipes are the only baby wipes that are chemical free, so your baby can enjoy a clean as pure and natural as cotton wool and water.

Healthcare professionals recommend using cotton wool & water or WaterWipes natural baby wipes on your new-born baby*. Your baby's delicate skin is extra sensitive and requires gentle care to avoid nappy rash and other skin conditions.

These natural baby wipes are also approved by Allergy UK and awarded the National Eczema Association of America's Seal of Acceptance.

  • Chemical Free: Just 2 ingredients (purified water and fruit seed extract)
  • May help avoid nappy rash*
  • 97% of midwives believe that WaterWipes are suitable to be used on the skin of new-born babies.*
  • Approved by Allergy UK
  • Stronger, thicker baby wet wipes – made using 50gsm material.



WaterWipes contain:

99.9% purified water and 0.1% fruit extract.