Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style

Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style


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Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style

Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style
These Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style offer the ultimate palm protection for all wheelchairs users. Some of their beneficial features include secure hook and loop tabs, rubberised grip for all weather usage and an open-thumb design that allows full use of the fingers and thumbs.

Features and Benefits of Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style
Tightly wrapped and securely fixed around your hand
Open-ended thumb for more flexibility
Rubberised palm, suitable for all weather usage
Equipped with hook and loop fastening
Made from leather and neoprene for durability and comfort
Come in Black and Red colour
Available in three sizes, from Small to Large
Securely Fixed for the Perfect Grip
These palm protectors wrap tightly around your hand and are securely fixed by two hook and loop tabs. They are easy to put on and take off, while their rubberised grip ensures maximum security when propelling.

Innovative Open-Thumb Design
These Wheelchair Gloves Wrap Style feature an innovative design with open finger ends and thumbs. This allows full use of the fingers and thumbs when propelling, improving the grip and flexibility of your hands.

What If I Want Full Thumb Coverage?
Unfortunately, these gloves are only available with open thumbs. If you're looking for full thumb coverage, we would recommend the following products:

Gel Palm Wheelchair Gloves
Revara Indoor Wheelchair Sports Glove
Fingerless Leather Wheelchair Gloves
Which Size Do I Need?
These Wheelchair Gloves are available in three different sizes. To determine what size you need, simply measure the width across your hand and find the suitable size in the table below.

Glove Size Hand Width (mm) Hand Width (Inches)
Small 68mm 2.5"
Medium 74mm 3"
Large 96mm 3.25"