Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Hiking Laces

Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Hiking Laces


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Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Hiking Laces

Utilising the revolutionary compression knot design, the Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Hiking Laces promise to provide excellent support, comfort and pain relief while hiking or during a long day at work. They are designed to expand with the natural swelling of the foot, helping to increase blood flow and prevent swollen and aching feet from developing. Ergonomically designed to offer a unique catered fit, these laces don't need tying, meaning that you don't have to worry about laces becoming undone in high-risk environments.

How Do the Accu-Fit Compression Laces Work?
The Accu-Fit Compression Laces use knots every few centimetres to ensure a tight fit. By pulling on the laces the knots disappear, which allows the laces to fit through the eyelets before they reappear and provide a secure and tight fit. This means that even if the laces get cut, they will stay in position for the rest of the day.

This extra-tight, comfortable support is perfect for users who are on their feet all day. This design also means that they don't need to be tied, which again is ideal for people who may find themselves in more high risk situations.

Stay Comfortable All Day Long
The Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Hiking Laces are designed for heavy-duty use, utilising an extra-thick design to offer durability and longevity. During a long day your feet can expand, swell and begin to ache. The Xtenex Hiking Laces are designed to expand with your feet, preventing them from compressing on the top of your shoe which can lead to a disrupted blood flow.

While this can help to increase circulation, it can also prevent your feet from overheating, and lower the chances of sore and aching feet. This makes them ideal for people who expect to be on their feet all day, including workers, walkers and hikers.

Features of the Accu-Fit Hiking Laces
Uses revolutionary technology to enhance comfort, fit and performance
Knots disappear on the laces to allow lacing of work or hiking boots
Knots appear when the laces aren't been stretched, allowing for a secure fit
Doesn't require tying of the laces
Designed to expand with natural swelling of the foot
Customisable to Your Foot
Xtenex Laces don't require tying, and work by sliding through shoe eyelets and expanding. This means that they are moulded to the unique shape of your foot, providing a catered fit that normal shoe laces don't come close to meeting. Their stretchy design stretches even while you are walking, meaning that pressure from your boot won't be felt on the upper front areas of your foot.

This ensures that you are stable and safe, which is perfect for anyone who finds themselves in higher risk environments such as people who hike, people who work with machinery, and people who work from heights. In addition this extra support means that the chances of you developing a foot problem are lower, helping you both in the long run and short run.

How to Use Xtenex Accu-Fit Compression Laces
To adjust these laces to your liking, stretch them apart in opposing directions to reduce knot size, then thread the stretched portion through the eyelet. Select the desired compression index (number of knots between eyelets) then release to set.

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